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Friday, 3 January 2020

4 Strong Remedies For Catarrh, Cold and Cough

Catarrh and Cold—which are always accompanied by coughs—are very painful yet not regarded as major diseases by many.

How would you know you have Catarrh or Cold? It's simple! Just look out for these symptoms: stuffy nose, runny nose, mucus that runs down the back of the throat, cough, headache and many others.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, here are strong remedies to give you instant relieve:

1. Ginger
Get a fresh ginger which is juicy, wash and peel it. Cut it into smaller pieces,  chew them and swallow the juice bit by bit so it can actually be felt in the throat.

2. Lukewarm water
Drink lukewarm water; it helps in reducing any sort of inflammation in your throat, cures sore throat and washes off any kind of infection.

3. Saltwater
Prepare saltwater by dissolving salt with enough water. Pour it into your mouth and gargle for a few minutes.
Note: make sure you do not swallow the salt water during or after gargling.

4. Fluids
Drink a lot of fluids to keep the body hydrated; a hydrated body does not suffer the full effect of a cold. Just make sure you do not drink fluids that contain alcohol or caffeine since they are known to cause dehydration.

Bonus: Drink Carrot juice, it is really good for getting rid of catarrh and cold.