Awesome Foldable Devices That Will Be Launched This Year

Awesome Foldable Devices That Will Be Launched This Year

Tech companies are now more focused on producing foldable devices—especially smartphones, tablets and laptops. It all started last year 2019 when Samsung brought out what many considers a failure: Samsung Galaxy Fold.
The Galaxy Fold was very fragile, wasn't up to standard and wasn't even shipped due to the fear of breakages; it was just not strong enough.

This year 2020, information reaching us indicates that Samsung is going to launch an improved foldable smartphone which will be far better than the Galaxy Fold. It is called the Galaxy Bloom. Let's hope it price would be cool once they are hopefully released.

Now let's take a look at other tech companies launching their foldable devices this year:

1. Motorola

Motorola is launching the Motorola Razr which has a bendable screen. When this phone is folded, there is a small screen outside you can operate it with. And when opened, it becomes just a slim long phone with just a screen. The Razr would be sold at a price of $1,500 once it is released.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft is launching a dual screen tablet that actually do not have a bendable screen.
A dual screen Android powered phone is going to be launched as well.

3. Lenovo

Lenovo is going to launch a PC with a bendable screen; it is going to be called ThinkPad X1 Fold and would be launched in the middle of the year for the price of $2,499.
It can be used as a tablet if unfolded fully and can be used as a laptop—screen with a virtual keyboard—when unfolded halfway.

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