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Fuse odg, Chakabars, Chris Eubank jr and many other celebrities visits an Orphanage school at Akosombo

Most people love to begin their year on a good note; what is the best way to start one than to visit a school built for orphans to help paint the classrooms and also raise funds.
Chris Eubank, Fuse odg, Chakabars and many others did just that.

About 11:50 am, the buses which were carrying the celebrities and volunteers arrived at the Wood world mission school, few interviews and picture takings took place. Everyone then headed to the event grounds.

Few dance performances and plays were exhibited by the school kids. Fuse odg and the woman who started the whole movement gave a talk about how the whole school started, people who has helped out, and how they need funds to complete the Secondary technical vocational school they've started building.

Everyone including the celebrities were divided into three groups and were given a classroom each to paint. Well, group two which was led by Fuse odg won but really messed up the floor with a lot of paint, hahaha.
Chris Eubank Jr painting

After all the activities at the school, everyone moved to the Afrikiko hotel, enjoyed a special food buffet, engaged in some cool sporting activities and then took a boat ride on the river Volta.
It was all fun.
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