How to mute notifications and block ads in the latest version of Chrome

The version 80 of Chrome by Google is packed with numerous features that are going to make your internet surfing life more fun and easy.

These new features allows you to mute notification and block unnecessary and annoying ads; I will take you through the steps involved in setting them up but first, you must have the current Chrome—version 80— if you don't have it, follow these steps to upgrade:

Click the three-dot icon at the top right and select “Help” > “About Google Chrome.”
If the version of Chrome listed is 79, then hit the button that will manually update. After a minute or two, you should have updated to version 80.

How To Mute Notifications
Let's see how you can mute notifications:

First, send your browser to chrome://flags/#quiet-notification-prompts. You’ll see a feature called “Quieter notification permission prompts.” Enable it, and restart your browser.

Click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and then go to “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Privacy and Security” > “Site Settings” > “Notifications.”

Where previously there was just a toggle to turn notifications on and off, you’ll now also find a toggle labeled “Use quieter messaging (blocks notification prompts from interrupting you).” Turn the toggle on, and you’re done.

How to block ads
We all know how annoying it can be sometimes when reading online and a random ad distracts you. Well you don't need to worry about that anymore, here is a way to reduce or block ads on Google Chrome:

In the address field, enter chrome://flags/#enable-heavy-ad-intervention.

Click on the button to the right of “Heavy Ad Intervention” and switch it to “Enabled.” Restart your browser.

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