Home Pregnancy Test With Salt

I wrote an article on how you can test whether or not you are pregnant with  just salt at home but it seem people did not and still cannot grab the whole concept about how the thing works and when to say the result is negative or positive, that is why to make things simpler, I have decided to write this new detailed post about how to conduct a safe pregnancy test at home with salt at ease without asking anyone to help you out with the procedures involved or help you interpret the results of the test.

Well, pay a strict attention and carefully follow what ever you are about to read here in order to avoid any kind of blunder.

What you are going to need for this delicate test includes salt, a transparent cup and your first early morning urine.

Steps Involved
Put a considerable amount of salt into a transparent cup.

Pour your morning urine onto the salt in the cup.

Leave it for some minutes.

Result Interpretations
If there is clumping and a noticeable change, you are pregnant but if there is no clumping and any visible change, you are not pregnant.