Home Pregnancy Test With Shampoo


Shampoo contains significant amount of detergents that causes visible change to urine of an individual who have conceived.

If you have this inner feeling that you may be pregnant, there is no need to go round asking people about how to test for pregnancy; just look for a Shampoo and carry out this test simple test yourself.

Things you would need to carry out the test:
1. Shampoo
2. A bowl
3. Your morning urine

1. Pour your morning urine into a bowl.
2. Add a considerable amount of shampoo to it in the bowl.
Wait for about eight (8) minutes.

Positive (You Are Pregnant)
If there is a visible and significant change in color of the mixture, you are probably pregnant.

Negative (Not Pregnant)
If there is no change in color of the mixture, you are not pregnant.