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Saturday, 15 February 2020

Types Of Relationships

There are numerous forms of relationships but the truth is, just a few are known by people.
Those few includes acquaintanceships, friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, and friends with benefits.

Romantic relationship
This is a type of relationship that exists between two individuals who are extremely attracted to each other physically and mentally. There can never be any form of romantic relationship if one of the two involved in the relationship does not find the other attractive. Both of them should love each other equally, either than that, it cannot be referred to as a romantic relationship.

The relationship you have with work colleagues, people in your society that are not necessarily your friends, and people you often come across during your day to day activities, is what is referred to as acquaintanceship.
With the people that falls within this category, you often greet them or they greet you whenever your paths crosses.

Family relationship
A form of relationship that naturally occurs between members of a family. It is a relationship between mother, father, children, grandparents, uncles, and any other person who relates to the family.
The connection between individuals of a family is very strong and really hard to fade unlike other relationships.

The relationship between friends is what we call friendship. People often become friends if they vibrate at the same pace or have one or more characteristics in common.

Friends with benefits
With this form of relationship, the individuals involved are friends mainly because of sex; they engage in sexual activities without a romantic relationship or commitment. People can engage in 'friends with benefits' relationships even if they are in their respective romantic relationships.

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