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Monday, 13 April 2020

4 Simple ways to get rid of body odor at home

Body odor can be really embarrassing sometimes especially when people turn to look at you in public places just because your armpit and your pubic areas are emitting an unbearable scent.

I guess you have already tried tones of remedies but still seeing no improvement, well, the following home remedies has worked for a lot of people so be rest assured that your problem is finally going to be solved.

1. Lime and lemon
Lime and lemon juice are known to be very good in fighting of bacterias that often causes the body to smell.
Apply the juice in your armpit five to ten minutes before you take your bath every day.

2. Wood ash
Applying wood ash to the pubic areas of the body before every bath has also proven fruitful.

3. Baking soda
Apply baking soda to your armpit before every bath is also really good.

4. Eat less animal products.
Reduce or completely cut the consumption of meat, fish, eggs and any other animal product; they are the main cause of most unpleasant body odour cases.
Eating more fruits and vegetables will actually make you smell really good. Your body escrete what you eat, remember that.