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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Health benefits of Papaya

Papaya, often referred to as pawpaw in Africa, is a fruit with many benefits. It contains numerous nutrients that perform diverse tasks once they get into the human system.
Here are some significant health benefits of papayas:

Good for weight loss.
The fibre content of papaya makes it a perfect candidate for weight loss. You would tend to get full after eating just little.

Immune system booster.
The vitamin C in papayas helps boost the immune system and equip it with the necessary strength needed to fight off diseases.

Lowers cholesterol levels.
Papaya's healthy fibre and effective antioxidants are known to be good in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood system hence reduces heart diseases.

Prevents or reduces menstrual pain.
Papain, an enzyme in papayas, is very efficient in controlling the whole menstrual cycle mechanism.
Women with painful cycles should regularly include pawpaw in their diet.

Can help prevent diabetes.
They are very low in sugar which means you can eat a lot without any fear of negative impact on your blood sugar levels.

Good for the eyes.
Vitamin A in papayas is effective in preventing eye-related diseases. It protects and improves eyesight.

Good for preventing cancer.
The flavonoids and antioxidants in papayas protects most cells in the body from free radical damage.