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Thursday, 6 August 2020

13 things you can use to stop bleeding at home

Injuries, whether big or small, can result in the loss of enormous amount of blood so they should always not be taken lightly. Must always be handled with care.
First thing you must do whenever you are bleeding as a result of an injury is to apply pressure on the area.

The following are a few things that can help you stop bleeding from any kind of injury you may come across:

1. Scent leaves.
Simply grind scent leaves and squeeze its juice onto the cut where the bleeding is taking place. In a few seconds the bleeding will stop.

2. Tea.
Tea do contain tannins which are known to be very effective in stopping bleeding. Simply place a teabag on the affected area. It does not just stop bleeding, it prevents infections as well.

3. Mouthwash.
The alcohol in mouthwash makes it a good agent for stopping bleeding. When applied to the wound, it constricts the blood vessels hence causing the blood to clot instantly.

4. Antiperspirant.
Aluminium chloride in antiperspirants is known to make blood vessels constrict just like how it contricts sweat glands whenever it is applied to the armpit.

5. Hair.
During barbering, when a cut is gotten mistakenly, do not worry, just put some of the hair you have cut into it and just like that, the bleeding will stop.

6. Ice.
Ice whenever applied to a cut, constricts the blood vessel in that affected area hence, results in the clotting of the blood.

7. Petroleum jelly.
It is often used to stop bleeding from shallow/minor cuts.  If you often watch boxing, you would notice that, it is been used a lot on boxers whenever they suffer a cut.
Most cosmetic products contain petroleum jelly.

8. Witch hazel.
It has a unique bleed-stopping and healing properties. It can be acquired from pharmacies and grocery stores.

9. Salt water.
Soak a moderate amount of salt in water and apply it on the cut. It will stop the bleeding and also prevent or get rid of any infection.

10. Chromolaena odorata.
This is very, very effective when it comes to stopping any form of bleeding. Just grind it and squeeze its juice into the wound.

11. Turmeric.
Apply turmeric powder to any cut to stop bleeding immediately. Its anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties makes it a perfect medicine to apply on any wound.

12. Cayenne pepper powder.
Cayenne pepper powder is known to cause the blood to clot whenever it is sprinkled on a cut. It also pushes the wound to heal faster.

13. Toothpaste.
This is for minor cuts like when you mistakenly cut yourself when shaving. Simply apply toothpaste on the cut and it will cause the veins in and around the cut to constrict to prevent further blood loss.

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